Benefits of Managed IT Services for Banks

Aureon's managed IT services helped Nebraska's Tri-County Bank increase uptime and system availability.

Case Studies published March 6, 2018

Managed IT services team member kneels down in front of data center server

The Tri-County Bank (TCB) is a community bank that focuses on delivering modern financial resources and services to rural communities across Nebraska. They began operations in Stuart, Nebraska, in 1945 and have since added three branches.

As they expanded into new locations, TCB quickly found themselves managing a wide array of technological needs. Soon their banking technology was growing faster than they had the capacity to manage. The organization’s IT challenges seemed endless.

IT Staff Turnover Leads to Frustration

When TCB experienced turnover among their IT staff, they were forced to leverage other team members — whose primary responsibility was not IT — to help out.

“We discovered there were issues that we didn’t have the internal resources or expertise to solve,” said TCB President & CEO Jon Schmaderer.

TCB’s employees became frustrated because IT issues were impacting their ability to work efficiently. That’s when TCB considered outsourcing their technology needs.

Aureon’s Managed IT Services Solution

TCB reached out to a few firms, including Aureon, to identify a provider that had experience in their industry and could meet their needs. Aureon was the most experienced of the organizations in terms of its previous work with banks.

Aureon conducted a technology audit and identified key areas for improvement. Upon reviewing the audit, TCB determined the organization was a good fit for their business and a solid long-term investment. Aureon was brought in to function as TCB’s IT department, handling all of their remote and on-site technical support needs.

As TCB’s managed IT services provider, Aureon also provided many security-related benefits to the bank’s branches, such as system patching and firewall protection.

Reduced Downtime Increases Productivity

After partnering with Aureon, TCB reported an increase in uptime and system availability. System uptime is crucial in the banking industry. It enables banks to effectively serve their customers throughout the day.

With Aureon’s assistance, TCB is now able to focus its time on core processes and customer service, instead of managing technology.

Could your organization benefit from managed IT services?

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