How Managed IT Services Benefits The Medical Field

Midwest Nephrology Consultants benefits from all-inclusive IT provider, enabling them to focus on serving the needs of their patients, instead of managing their technology.

Case Studies published February 28, 2018

Midwest Nephrology Consultants’ mission is to serve those in need. Specifically, those with kidney disorders and diseases. Their physicians oversee about 600 dialysis patients, and provide state-of-the-art, 24/7 kidney services to all of them throughout the Kansas City area. Their focus on providing compassionate and comprehensive medical treatment, along with new technologies in treating kidney disease, allows them to treat their patients with a greater degree of success.

Electronic Health Records Present Client Challenge

When the government told doctors and medical practitioners they had to switch to electronic health records (EHR), Midwest Nephrology Consultants immediately realized the need for assistance with their technology. EHR is a digital version of a patient’s records, and helps make their health information more readily available and easily accessible. In order to support EHR applications, Midwest Nephrology Consultants needed a more robust server and computing environment.

Unlike hospitals and certain medical offices, Midwest Nephrology Consultants operates as a mobile unit that spends their time at different practice locations, hospitals, and in-home visits. Their mobility needs made the transition to EHR even more complex, as they quickly realized they were going to be more dependent on technology and would always need access to these systems. Along with the need for EHR support, Midwest Nephrology Consultants also needed technical support for their day-to-day operations. Because everything was going digital, they quickly realized that they were going to be depending more and more on technology and the need to always be up and running.

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Aureon Technology Provides the Solution

Because of past interactions and acquaintances, Midwest Nephrology Consultants chose to have Aureon manage their day-to-day IT support needs, EHR transition, data backups, firewall and network security, encryption, security reviews, and HIPAA compliance. 

“With Aureon, our technology expanded to being a fully integrated part of our daily processes,” said Syd Stevens, administrator. Aureon came up with a plan that could integrate many of their systems. This plan, complete with a new server and managed services approach, gave them the capabilities to house all of their records electronically, and it also gave them the ability to access the records from anywhere.

“The partnership was a true integration,” said Stevens. “It allowed us to use laptops and tablets, and become more mobile. Aureon also did a great job of providing training to doctors and staff members. Aureon was an integral part of launching our EHR, and they made sure it was successful.”

Reliable, Consistent Technology

Since partnering with Aureon, Midwest Nephrology Consultants has experienced a simplified approach to how they use technology every day.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t asking Aureon for assistance,” said Stevens. “You just can’t function without a good IT provider.” 

Now Midwest Nephrology Consultants can do everything on the go, from scheduling so that things stay on task, to ordering scripts — it’s all executed and supported with the help of Aureon. 

“We’ve gone full-circle, from where everything was onsite, to where now we can leverage remote support for a lot of our needs,” Stevens explained.

Having a reliable and consistent connection is important to Midwest Nephrology Consultants, and Aureon’s plan and network design has improved productivity. “If our electronic records are down, then we can’t serve our patients properly,” explained Stevens. “The way our systems are set up now, with redundancy built in, has made it so we don’t have downtime.

Managed IT Services Improve Efficiency

An ideal day for Midwest Nephrology Consultants is a day with no problems or issues. “If something does happen, it gets addressed quickly,” said Stevens. “Aureon is always there to solve the problem, and it’s a really good feeling to have that.” 

“Aureon is the only vendor I’ve ever trusted,” said Stevens. “If Aureon tells me I need something, it’s the truth.” In the end, Aureon allows Midwest Nephrology Consultants to not have to worry about their technology, so they can focus on what they do best: serving their patients.

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