Aureon Cloud and Network Services Simplify Business Operations

Petosa Law LLP benefits from Aureon's end to end solution to streamline communication, enhance productivity and mobility, and simplify business continuity.

Case Studies published March 21, 2017

Petosa Law LLP was founded in 1970 and provides legal expertise and services for commercial and real estate litigation, banking, savings and loan, commercial transactions, and real estate matters. Petosa Law prides itself on embracing the use of technology, and their staff of legal experts are highly skilled in serving the financial industry and other regulated markets.

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Technology Management Presents a Challenge

A key component to Petosa Law’s day-to-day business operations is its computer network and associated hardware and software technology. Prior to converting to the Aureon Cloud Suite, Petosa Law had some critical hardware and software components aging and approaching “end of life” status. Petosa Law began analyzing whether it should purchase new infrastructure (such as servers and storage) or move to a cloud platform where its software applications, data storage, and backups would run on hosted virtual servers within a data center. Petosa Law was also maintaining a server closet within its building. This came with additional costs for maintaining the room — including cooling and electricity — and it also consumed key office space. 

In addition, Petosa Laws data management and information security practices are under stringent legal and compliance regulations, since many of its clients are financial institutions. Consequently, Petosa Law is subject to lengthy audits and process reviews. Petosa Law, and many of its clients, must comply with federal regulations associated with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Petosa Law needed a solution that could simplify its overall compliance needs and auditing process. 

Cloud Services Offer a Clear Solution

Through a precise evaluation of short-term and long-term costs and future business needs, Petosa Law decided to migrate to the Aureon Cloud Suite instead of purchasing new hardware. Moving to a hosted model allowed Petosa Law to avoid significant upfront costs associated with buying and implementing new hardware. A move to the data center would also eliminate the internal server closet and the associated risks and expenses.

“[Previously], we had to put in extra equipment to maintain the right temperature and moisture levels,” says Stephen Petosa, managing partner. “Now that we’re in a managed data center, we don’t have to bother with any of this.” 

One of the key differentiators with Aureon was their Fiber optic network, voice services and data center facilities. Aureon is a true end-to-end technology firm with a history of over 25 years as a telecommunications provider and over 20 years providing IT solutions. This mix of providing both the Fiber optic network, voice communications and hosted IT services enables Petosa Law to work with one firm with fully integrated services and support personnel.

“Because Aureon also manages our Internet and voice services, we don’t have to call multiple companies when there’s a technology issue or question,” Petosa says. “In the past, we’ve had different companies for IT and telecom services (internet and voice), and when we experienced slowness, it was common to hear that the problem wasn’t on ‘their’ network. Today, we just call Aureon and they take care of it.”

Managed IT Services Simplify Business Operations

Migrating computing resources and applications to a hosted infrastructure can be a complex task. It’s critical to approach the process in phases in order to have a smooth cutover, limit downtime and reduce user frustration. Overall, Petosa Law was very pleased with Aureon’s approach and cutover process, and since the switch, their network hasn’t had any downtime. 

Adds Petosa, “Our lawyers and staff feel this is a really good solution. They were a little nervous going into it, but to this point it’s been an easy transition for them and they haven’t had any downtime. Our internet services have also been extremely reliable and our ability to get online and connected to our systems has been smoother.”

A key benefit for Petosa Law was Aureon’s experience with regulated environments and industries, as well as Aureon’s Service Organization Control (SOC) compliance standards and internal audit processes. This gave Petosa Law the peace of mind that Aureon was equipped to meet their regulatory needs. 

Having one firm to work with for all of its technology and network services has reduced a significant amount of confusion and frustration for Petosa Law that can come with working with many different companies.

Says Petosa, “Working with Aureon allows us to not worry about technology, which gives us more time to focus on what we’re good at: practicing law and providing excellent, timely legal services for our clients.”

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