Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities

Tactics to Protect Your Organization and Mitigate Risk

Articles published March 26, 2021 by Jack Kapustka


This month, Microsoft released several security updates to mitigate risks from Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities. According to Microsoft, these vulnerabilities are being used in targeted attacks and malicious activity including credential dumps, installation of further malware and ransomware, and installation of web shells for future use.

Microsoft recommends that organizations immediately install updates on Exchange Servers that are externally facing. Affected Microsoft Exchange Server versions are:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

How can you protect your business from these Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities?

It is important to note that Exchange Online (Office 365) was not impacted by these vulnerabilities. Only on-premises exchange servers for the above listed versions are at risk of potential compromise. Key benefits of Office 365 are its anti-malware and anti-spam filtering, data loss prevention capabilities, redundant servers, and disaster recovery options. This email tool creates a secure environment for business email – keeping you and your Customers protected from threat vectors.

Partnering with an IT solutions provider for Managed IT services is an effective way to ensure your organization’s devices and data are protected and secure.

Solutions like Aureon’s ProCare actively identify potential problems before they even happen. This means installs, patches, updates, or repairs take place before vulnerabilities can impact your organization – protecting you from costly downtime and a damaged reputation.

Taking a proactive approach to your business’s security could also save you money and improve productivity. With access to managed systems that require fewer repairs and support, your budget can stay in check and allows for maximum employee collaboration and output.

Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

With 24/7 monitoring, automated security patches, automatic or dispatched maintenance, and support through cloud management and delivery, the choice is clear when it comes to securing your business and infrastructure. Trusted service providers like Aureon deliver skilled support teams to monitor your systems to prevent issues – keeping you focused on running your business.

Are you ready to move your business forward with trusted Managed IT solutions?