Technology Paves Way Forward for Professional Services Firms

A managed IT services provider can help professional services firms with their technology needs and prepare them for the future.

Articles published June 17, 2021 by Tyler Meusburger


Whether you are operating within the accounting, legal, consulting, or architecture industries — or any of the other industries that fall under the professional services umbrella — we understand how important productivity and billable hours are to the success of your organization.

Forward-thinking professional services firms are increasingly turning to new technology to boost productivity, strengthen employee morale, and protect internal and client data.

That said, researching, investing in, and implementing new technology can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, even for the most experienced of businesses. A managed IT services provider can help single or multi-location organizations operating in the professional services industry with their technological needs and prepare them for the future of doing business.

Managed IT Services Boost Productivity

Many professional services firms turn to a managed IT services provider for their technology support because it frees up time for them to focus on the needs of their clients. Aureon’s skilled IT service support team monitors your network to stay ahead of issues and prevent downtime.

A managed IT services provider will keep your existing hardware and software performing at its best, while making recommendations for upgrades and improvements. Meanwhile, cloud and data support ensure that your employees can work and access information from anywhere.

Aureon’s experts can also lead technical training sessions to ensure you and your staff are using your technology to its fullest potential while boosting productivity. We work with our professional services clients to improve operational efficiency and minimize administrative burdens.

Communication Tools Encourage Engagement

Professional services firms must leverage technology in a way that supports collaboration between employees while also improving the customer experience. Virtual meetings between employees and outside clients happen more often than ever. A reliable and secure internet connection is essential, alongside access to the right communication services and tools.

An all-in-one hosted unified communications system includes cloud calling, messaging, and meeting capabilities that work across devices. Advanced collaboration tools and team spaces let employees choose how they communicate, which supports workplace productivity.

Security Solutions Protect Against Cyberthreats

Cyberattacks, such as the ransomware attack that shutdown a U.S. pipeline in May 2021 and another that struck the world’s largest meat processing company a few weeks later, continue to make headlines. Professional services organizations, such as accounting and law firms, have ethical and legal obligations to protect sensitive client data. These businesses also place high value on their own proprietary data. That is why it is imperative they invest in security solutions.

Professional services firms that take a proactive approach to cybersecurity may be able to completely avoid — or at least bounce back faster from — network outages, data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other security risks. Aureon’s team of IT analysts can perform a network security audit to determine what security flaws exist in your current technological setup. Our team will then make network and data security recommendations to protect you and your clients.

Our business continuity services, including backup and data recovery, prepare your business for hardware failure, human error, software malfunctions, and natural disasters.

Invest in the Right Tech Tools for the Job

According to RSM’s spring 2021 outlook report, “business and professional firms continue to anticipate what doing business will look like following the pandemic … this has involved investments in such operational components as technology, digital transformation, data-driven decision-making, virtual onboarding, employee engagement, and increased cybersecurity.”

The most successful professional services firms are the ones who invest in the right resources and technological tools to boost productivity, strengthen morale, and protect their data. Aureon’s team of technology experts can work with your organization to find the right tools for you.

Connect with an Aureon expert to learn how you can use technology to its full potential and boost productivity within your organization.

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