Senior Living Facilities

Keep your senior living communities connected, protected, and productive.

Our technology consultants can assist with your day-to-day IT needs and help with growth and expansion for your communities. Aureon offers all-in-one IT bundles to make implementing your technology simple, efficient, and cost-effective. Start streamlining your technology purchases by choosing from the following bundles:

Consistent and Simple Workstation Setup

We provide and set up every workstation for you, which includes:

  • Laptops, desktops, tablets, and accessories
  • Software installation, including Microsoft Office, applications, and security software
  • Setup, including unboxing, placing, user setup, and networking
  • With one fixed fee, you get a consistent price, hardware, software, and setup.

Computer Networking

Your Local Area Network (LAN) is the foundation of your office technology. Rely on Aureon’s technical experts who have experience helping senior living organizations with:

  • Setting up your business network, including connections to servers and printers
  • Setup, installation, and support for switches, firewalls, and office wireless systems
  • Setup and installation of firewalls for internet connections

Reliable Wireless Access

Your wireless access directly affects how you deliver care for your residents. A reliable and secure wireless network enables worker mobility, so your staff can care for residents throughout your building. Wireless coverage can be extended to residents and guests for internet access. Our wireless bundle gives you:

  • Coverage and placement of wireless access points
  • Public, private, and resident wireless setup
  • Security controls and filters
  • Scalable options that can easily expand as you grow

Scalable Firewall and Network Security

Firewalls protect your internal network from vulnerabilities and intrusions. Our firewall bundle gives you:

  • Ability to block unauthorized traffic and allow approved routes
  • Private IP addresses
  • Scalability to meet your increased bandwidth needs

These components work together to make it easy to launch a new senior living community or serve existing properties. Trust Aureon to cover your technology needs for your senior living communities.

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