As an insurance provider, protecting clients' personal data from theft, extortion, or hacking is critical to your business.

Aureon helps companies in the insurance industry by providing peace of mind. Our established experts help identify weaknesses in your current systems and manage solutions to alleviate risk. Customer service is also top of mind to insurance providers as they seek to maintain client satisfaction. Our professional and accessible contact center employees can serve as an extension of your team and offer customized solutions to see that all clients’ needs are being met.

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“We partner with Aureon for ongoing IT contract services. We've been very pleased with their professionalism and expertise.”
Vice President, Procurement - Insurance Industry
“We use Aureon in our Clive and Ames offices, and the service has been incredible. We recently encountered a hardware glitch, and Aureon was onsite and had the issues resolved quickly. This is why we partner with Aureon. They understand that when the internet is down – it shuts down all operations for businesses like mine. Aureon cares. We’ve been an Aureon partner for over five years and have never considered anyone else.”
Technology Leader - Insurance Industry