Aureon Chief Executive Officer Scott Behn Joins INDATEL Board of Managers

Aureon is pleased to announce that Scott Behn, Chief Executive Officer, has been selected to join INDATEL'S Board of Managers. As a long-standing INDATEL member, Aureon is deeply committed to its mission and vision for the future, and is excited to contribute to important discussions at such an important time in the industry.

Press Releases published August 27, 2021

DES MOINES, IA (August 19, 2021) – Aureon is proud to announce that Scott Behn, Chief Executive Officer, has been selected to join INDATEL’s Board of Managers. This exciting announcement is an illustration of Aureon’s deeply rooted commitment to INDATEL’s mission, which delivers connectivity to rural and urban America through its ever-growing, nationwide network.

Aureon believes that in order to be the best – you must partner with the best. As a long-standing INDATEL member, Aureon is able to deliver Ethernet connectivity via 400,000+ miles of fiber deployed across the U.S. Through this expansive network, Aureon provides reliable and adaptable service to our valued Clients, Partners, and Iowans – throughout the state and beyond.

“I am honored to join INDATEL’s Board of Managers and look forward to the engaging discussions that are on the horizon,” said Scott Behn, Chief Executive Officer. “It is an exciting time for our industry, and Aureon is pleased to have an opportunity to contribute to the important conversations relating to our network Partners, experiences, and growth.”

Providing trusted Ethernet connectivity to rural and underserved American markets is one of the many threads that binds Aureon and INDATEL together. It is this shared vision of reliable connectivity that creates such a strong partnership, which positively impacts the valued Clients and Partners we serve.

“The past year has shown Americans what many of us in our industry already knew,” said Scott Behn, Chief Executive Officer. “Strong fiber optic networks and nation-wide connectivity are requirements in the ever-evolving worlds of business, healthcare, education, and more. It is dedicated organizations like INDATEL that are going to help us all get the job done, and I am excited to be joining these discussions at such a critical time for our industry.”

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INDATEL Services provides fiber connectivity utilizing its unique independent member-owned network. INDATEL’s members represent more than 400,000 fiber optic route miles and over 1.5 million serviceable buildings primarily focused in rural and suburban America. INDATEL serves its customers through its national aggregation PoPs, reaching over 700 independent providers currently operating in 47 states. For more information about INDATEL Services, visit