FEATURING: Aureon Consulting Scholarship Recipients

Catch up with some of 2019-2020's Aureon Consulting Scholarship recipients and see how their journey toward STEM-related careers has unfolded thus far. From projects and internships to hands-on learning opportunities and more, these students are making the most of their time at the Iowa colleges and universities they attend.

Press Releases published August 24, 2021

Grace Meter

2020 Aureon Consulting Scholarship Recipient

Early on, Grace Meter knew she wanted to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM). Being drawn to math and science courses, the Ankeny, Iowa native became interested in designing soil and water conservation practices that can be implemented in agricultural fields. She decided to chase her dreams by attending Iowa State University.

“I want to design terraces that allow farmers to decrease soil and water erosion,” Grace said. “My goal is to help conserve natural resources so farmers can sustainably continue working their land.”

Upon graduation from Ankeny Centennial High School in 2020, Grace was awarded a $1,000 Aureon Scholarship from Aureon Consulting. The Aureon Scholarship Program recognizes students in the community who exhibit academic and personal excellence who plan to pursue STEM-related studies at an Iowa college or university. Scholarship funds are made available by a percentage of business conducted during the year by Aureon Consulting.

“The Aureon Scholarship has allowed me to worry less about the financial aspect of college and focus on my academics,” Grace said. “I’ve been able to devote a majority of my time to learning and studying for my courses – and dive deeper into my class subjects. I would not have been able to do this without the support of the Aureon Scholarship.”

As she pursues her Agricultural Engineering degree with a focus on Land and Water Resources at Iowa State, Grace understands that women are traditionally underrepresented in STEM field. According to Grace, the growing number of women who pursue these careers represent a victory.

“Not only is it important to acknowledge the previous women in STEM that paved the way, but it is also important for women to continue pursuing STEM careers,” Grace said. “Women have had a large contribution to all STEM fields, and they will continue to discover, learn, and create to advance progress in this arena.”