5 Reasons to Outsource Your Firewall Security

A network firewall could be the only thing that stands between your business and a crippling cyber attack. There are some compelling reasons why a managed firewall might be the best choice for your business.

Articles published January 7, 2022

Managed Fortinet Firewall

A network firewall is your first and most important line of defense against an onslaught of malicious cyber threats that could cripple your business if left unchecked. Unfortunately, trying to manage IT security and stay up to date on new threats can be overwhelming for a business owner or an overtaxed IT department. That’s why so many small and midsize businesses rely on a managed firewall service to protect their customers, their data, and their businesses.

A managed firewall shifts the responsibility of administering, monitoring, and maintaining your firewall to a team of IT security experts so you can focus on other objectives in your business. After all, firewalls are not meant to be “plug-and-play” devices — you can’t simply “set it and forget it.”

A robust firewall requires expert management and consistent monitoring. Purchasing and installing a firewall appliance is just one step in an ongoing process to protect your most sensitive data and systems. Are you prepared for that? Is your IT team?

If you’re not sure, you should consider the top five reasons to outsource your firewall security.

1. Managed Firewall Services are Proactive

Always staying proactive and looking at ways to improve your IT security is critical in keeping your business safe against cybercriminals. Investing in a managed firewall is an excellent way to stay ahead of the threats by keeping your network well-protected at all times. A managed IT service provider will continually find ways to enhance network security while minimizing downtime in the workplace.

2. Managed Firewalls Include Real-Time Updates

Failure to download the latest security updates creates a significant risk for your network. Keeping your network and your entire computer system up to date is important in keeping your business safe against cybercriminals. A managed firewall service provider will monitor and evaluate firmware updates and install them as necessary to maintain the highest level of security possible in your firewall.

3. A Managed Firewall Provides Important Insight

Understanding the many different types of threats against your network is essential for cybersecurity. A managed firewall service provider has access to detailed reports to help them analyze your entire IT infrastructure, while also giving you access to information to make specific improvements. All of this data is a great way to maximize uptime for your company while keeping your data safe from cybercriminals.

4. A Managed Firewall Can Save You Money

Looking at ways to minimize costs is critical in helping your company reach long-term success. A managed firewall is a great way to reduce costs for your business by limiting downtime in the workplace. Additionally, keeping your network up and running is critical in maintaining employee productivity while also creating a less stressful work environment. Over time, these savings can quickly add up and make a big difference in your bottom line.

5. Managed Firewall Comes with Access to IT Professionals

Keeping up with the latest cyber threats is a nearly impossible task. However, you will have the peace of mind to know that a managed firewall gives your business the best protection against the latest network threats as they crop up. Your employees can easily focus on their tasks while an IT service provider manages your firewall around the clock. Using managed firewall also gives you access to IT professionals and is much more affordable than hiring or expanding your own IT team.

In summation, a managed firewall delivers several business-critical benefits, chief among them are protecting your sensitive data against the latest threats, controlling costs by limiting downtime, and providing you peace of mind that your systems are being looked after by security experts. Cybercriminals will always find new ways to attack your business, but your managed firewall will be there to protect you against them.

Fortinet Plus Aureon Advantage

Aureon’s Managed Firewall service utilizes Fortinet Next Generation Firewall appliances. As a leader in network security, Fortinet has been protecting data for organizations of all types and sizes, including some of the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies, since 2000. As a Fortinet Partner, and currently the only Iowa-based Fortinet MSSP Partner, Aureon adds local support and service to Fortinet’s unrivaled security technologies.

To learn more about an Aureon Managed Firewall for your business, click here, or contact one of our IT security experts.

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