Unified Communications: A Better Way to Work From Anywhere

Communication is central to your success, regardless of how you choose to work.

Articles published July 28, 2021 by Bob Bally


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused organizations to rethink how they do business. During the height of outbreaks in the U.S., many teams switched to remote work. Some businesses thrived, while others realized they lacked the right tools and technology to remain productive.

Now businesses are considering how they will work moving forward. Some are opting to return to in-office work, while others are planning to offer remote or hybrid schedules. No matter which route your business takes, communication is central to your success. Now is the perfect time to reassess your existing communications technology and determine what is or isn’t working.

To help you get started, we have identified a few of the signs your communications technology is failing and the ways that unified communications technology encourages collaboration. We will also share some exciting news about updates to our own unified communications offering.

Signs Your Communications and Collaboration Technology Isn’t Working

Communication and collaboration are tough enough when everyone is in the same office. With more of the workforce moving to remote or hybrid workplace models, the communication gap is growing even wider. Here are three signs that your current technology is holding you back.

Wasted Time

Time wasted looking for messages and searching for documents between multiple software applications is a common occurrence in the modern workplace. A recent study from Cornell University and software company Qatalog found that employees waste up to an hour each day searching through apps for the information needed to complete various job-related tasks.

Siloed Teams

Investing in the right technology tools can help teams and departments collaborate better, but a lot of businesses are either working out of several disparate applications or using technology that fails to provide visibility into progress on projects and the timing of deliverables. Your business communications technology needs to be open, accessible, and searchable for best results.

Low Morale

Failure to communicate can lead to disengaged employees. Most workers perform at their best when they feel that their work is meaningful and they are working as part of a team. Investing in the right communication tools can increase productivity and improve employee morale.

How Unified Communications Supports All Ways of Working

A unified communications (UC) system organizes your voice, messaging, meeting, and other team collaboration tools into one simple platform. Most businesses opt for a cloud-based or hosted unified communications solution, providing individual team members with access to the same information and systems, regardless of the location where they are working from.

Hosted UC is a subscription-based service provided through a managed IT solutions provider. This arrangement eliminates the need for on-site maintenance. This setup is also very flexible, providing scalability so that you don’t pay for more than what your company needs.

While there are many hosted unified communications solution providers, the core functionality of these platforms is very similar. Must-have UC features include:

  • Cloud calling that lets you make and receive calls on any device using one phone number. You can use the same phone number to check voicemail and send texts.
  • Unified messaging that allows you to chat across devices. You can start a conversation on your laptop and pick up where you left off on your mobile device.
  • Meeting capabilities that include HD video, voice messaging, screen sharing, and calendar integration.
  • Mobile integration that enables your employees to work from anywhere.

Most unified communications systems also offer some level of built-in security. These security offerings may include end-to-end encryption, password protection, and user authentication.

At its core, unified communications technology should keep your teams connected in a way that enhances all ways of working, no matter if your workplace is 100% in-office, remote, or hybrid.

UC Product Spotlight: Aureon UC with Webex

Aureon has been a Cisco partner for many years, and we’re excited to roll out the latest unified communications update from the company to our clients — Aureon UC with Webex.

The star of our UC solution is the Aureon UC with Webex app, which combines calling, meetings, and team collaboration into a single application. The Webex app works across devices, so you can make calls, message a coworker, or join a meeting while at your desk or on the move.

Webex works on any device including PCs and Macs, as well as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Intuitive search filters allow you to search across people, spaces, messages, and files to quickly find what you need. That means less frustration looking for crucial documents. The app also uses end-to-end encryption, which keeps your sensitive information safe and secure.

The Webex app includes a number of intelligent team collaboration capabilities, such as:

  • Spaces - Create dedicated spaces to bring together teams, customers, and workflows.
  • File sharing - Drag and drop files with a colleague or in a space for your whole team. Files you receive are searchable and saved.
  • Whiteboarding - Create a whiteboard and draw on it to share your ideas.
  • Intuitive search - Search across spaces, people, messages, and files.
  • Reduced disruptions - Reduce noise disruptions during calls and meetings with noise removal and speech enhancement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco continued to enhance its award-winning Webex app with a number of new updates and integration capabilities designed to improve productivity.

Collaborate Better With Unified Communications

Aureon UC with Webex is a simple, all-in-one unified communications platform that encourages collaboration and increases workplace productivity, regardless of how you choose to work. We are excited to roll out this update for new and existing hosted unified communications clients.

Tired of a la carte communications tools? Connect with an Aureon expert to discover how you can reinvigorate your business communications efforts with the new Aureon UC with Webex.

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