Simplify Your Remote Interactions With Unified Communications

A unified communications (UC) system organizes your voice, messaging, meeting, and other team collaboration tools into one simple platform.

Articles published May 28, 2020 by Stephen Webb


One of the biggest challenges of a remote workforce is keeping everyone connected. Some companies choose to take an a la carte approach when selecting communications software — working with a variety of desktop and mobile solutions — and find themselves overwhelmed.

The need for an all-in-one flexible and secure business communication solution has perhaps never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. More companies are making the move to a cloud-based IT infrastructure to better support the ability to work from anywhere.

As an added benefit, cloud-based services tend to be more secure than local alternatives, due to consistent security updates, built-in firewalls, and improved redundancy, among other measures.

A hosted unified communications (UC) system organizes your voice, messaging, meeting, and other team collaboration tools into one centrally managed platform. Within this type of system, employees can communicate in a simple and seamless way, regardless of location.

Must-Have Unified Communications Features

We previously highlighted the benefits of using a unified communications system to promote more effective collaboration between in-office and remote team members. It’s also a practical solution for teams, regardless of where they are working from, to simplify communication.

When selecting a UC provider, you’ll want to think about how your team interacts on a day-to-day basis. Ultimately, you want to ensure you have the right tools in place to encourage productivity.

Here are some essential unified communications features that can benefit any team.

Cloud Calling

Voice communication is still an important way of expressing ideas. Not every meeting or conversation requires video. Aureon UC software gives your employees the freedom to make and receive calls on any device, anywhere, using one phone number. You can easily record cloud calls in case you need to circle back to an important discussion.

Your team will also be able to check voicemail and send texts from a work number. This can help create a better sense of work-life balance, separating personal contacts from work ones.

Unified Messaging

Why send an email when a quick message will do? Reduce email clutter with chat capabilities. Teams can use chat to provide a quick update prior to a meeting or to share documents. You can also switch between devices to easily access and respond to ongoing conversations, as needed.

A hosted unified communications provider will work with software partners to ensure your messaging and other forms of communication are properly encrypted and secure.

Meeting Capabilities

A modern unified communications system needs to support all of the tools required to conduct a virtual meeting, such as HD video, voice messaging, screen sharing, and calendar integration. When you pull all of these solutions together, under one system, it simplifies the process of scheduling, hosting, and joining meetings, ensuring your team can focus on what’s important.

Mobile Integration

In order to enable employees to truly work from anywhere, your unified communications system should include mobile app integration. The Aureon Hosted Unified Communications solution includes access to team collaboration tools via Aureon UC-One with Webex for iOS and Android devices.

Webex supports calling, meeting, messaging, and more. You can even sync your mobile device with your work computer and continue the mobile conversation on your laptop and vice versa. Mobile app integration is a must-have when selecting a unified communications provider.

Security Benefits of Unified Communications

Any reputable unified communications system will include security options to keep your sensitive company information protected, regardless of how you choose to communicate that information. Potential security enhancements for your unified communications tools may include end-to-end encryption, password protection, and user authentication, among other offerings.

A hosted unified communications solution operating in a secure environment allows you to focus on advancing your business instead of worrying about cybersecurity threats. You should consider the security needs of your organization before settling on a unified communications provider.

Give Your Team the Flexibility to Work Anywhere

There’s no reason your team can’t stay connected, even when working remotely. A unified communications system is an excellent way to unite your team and increase productivity.

Are you ready to upgrade to an all-in-one, cloud-based communications solution?

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