What Is a Hosted Virtual Desktop? A Quick Introduction

A hosted virtual desktop creates a consistent desktop environment for your employees.

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More organizations are making the switch to a cloud infrastructure. However, business needs vary, and so does the demand for services hosted within a cloud computing environment. A hosted virtual desktop, through solutions like Aureon Cloud Suite or Infrastructure as a service, allows users to access important work-related software, applications, and information across a variety of devices via a desktop simulation stored on a central server known as the Cloud, which is a protected data center that is typically highly redundant.

Essentially, this means that your employees can access their “work desktop,” including licensed software and applications, by way of their own personal devices, such as laptops and tablets. Virtual desktops are often hosted on a cloud server and accessed via an internet connection. Centralized, Cloud-based server-level updates and maintenance save your business time and money.

Businesses with nonexistent or overworked IT departments can certainly benefit from a hosted virtual desktop operated by a managed IT services provider. However, even businesses with access to a more robust IT infrastructure and dedicated IT staff can benefit from these services.

Benefits of a Hosted Virtual Desktop Environment

A hosted virtual desktop enables your employees to replicate their workplace desktop environment — including its processing power — from nearly any device. This provides a wide range of benefits and consistency to users, regardless of the device they are working on.

Streamlined User Experience

A hosted virtual desktop allows employees or contractors to work from nearly any location, as long as they have a compatible device and a stable internet or network connection. The same user interface and experience is replicated across devices to increase productivity. You no longer have to worry about whether certain applications will work as intended for remote employees.

Minimal Network Troubleshooting

The majority of network oversight responsibilities are outsourced in a Cloud-hosted virtual desktop environment. This means your team can focus its resources on business growth.

Enhanced Security

Your hosted virtual desktop service provider handles data storage, upgrades, security, and backup. Because of this, working on a remote desktop is typically more secure than if you were to download software and applications directly onto a device to complete your work. Everyone can be working with the latest and most secure versions of software and applications.

Reduced Downtime

A combination of Cloud server hosting and hardware virtualization technology simulates the hosted virtual desktop environment. This provides increased redundancy. Hard disk failures do not cause downtime and data is easily recoverable in the event of an unexpected issue. Many providers offer a Highly Available solution (HA), to provide that “always on & available” service.

Cost Savings

A virtual desktop lets you replicate applications and software across devices, meaning that you no longer have to purchase multiple access codes or licenses for individual employees. You also will save money on hardware, especially if you embrace the “bring your own device” mentality.

What Devices Can Access Virtual Desktops?

You can use any endpoint device to access a Cloud-hosted virtual desktop. This includes internet-capable desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. As previously m, a data center generates the processing power for a virtual desktop in place of your own device. This means that stable internet access is more important than hardware when accessing a remote desktop.

Are Hosted Virtual Desktops Safe?

Since the data generated by users working on a hosted virtual desktop is stored on a centralized server located within The Cloud (a secure data center), where system updates and backups are also managed. The off-site storage of data provides increased business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. In most instances, hosted virtual desktops can be configured to be are even safer than cloud-based software.

Get More Done With a Hosted Virtual Desktop

The modern workplace is a flexible one. Cloud-based services, such as a hosted virtual desktop, used in combination with additional Cloud-based software can increase your team’s productivity. Connect with Aureon to determine which Managed IT solutions are right for you.

Are you in need of a more consistent and secure way for employees to access important work applications, software, and information on the go?

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