Worldwide Manufacturer Improves Network Security and Data Protection to Simplify and Grow

A search towards one network management solution leads Albaugh, LLC to Aureon.

Case Studies published March 2, 2017

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Albaugh, LLC is a multi-site manufacturer, formulator, and packager of agricultural crop protection solutions and serves distributors throughout many countries, including North America and Europe. As a growing company, they came to us with a need for enhanced network security and data protection. With our resources and expertise we were able to provide Albaugh with the safe, simplified solution they were looking for, which had a positive impact on their bottom line. 

Data Security Presents a Client Challenge 

As a global leader in their industry, the combination of business growth, aging hardware, and increased network complexity led Albaugh to identify enhanced solutions for unified threat management (UTM). Albaugh was seeking one unified platform to manage all its sites, as their current network included a mix of different products and vendors. This approach was making it difficult and cumbersome to manage their network, especially across many disperse geographic locations. Through some initial research, Albaugh identified Fortinet as a top candidate with robust solutions to meet their network security needs. From there, Albaugh was connected to Aureon as a top Fortinet resource and Gold Level partner with in-depth expertise of the Fortinet line of products.

The Aureon Network Management Solution  

The Aureon team took a consultative approach to understanding Albaugh’s business, network, and growth plans. The skilled Aureon team developed a solid understanding of Albaugh’s business requirements and was able to vet different options to collaboratively work on the best solution to help drive their business forward. With several international locations, the solution needed to include proper bandwidth planning. Ultimately, Aureon helped Albaugh identify ways to reduce expenses by designing a solution that would minimize their overall bandwidth capacity needs. And, enhanced security of business networks and servers through Unified Threat Management and Aureon’s Managed Firewall solution helped to provide risk and exposure protection. Aureon’s pre-sales efforts helped align Albaugh’s technical need with a positive bottom line financial impact to the organization. 

Doug Fulton, Information Systems Manager at Albaugh says, “The Aureon staff has been phenomenal to work with. From solution design to implementation and support, we have been very pleased with Aureon. The sales and support staff is very knowledgeable with the Fortinet products. They have also been on the ball when we’ve called in with questions and support requests. Their network technicians are detail oriented and thorough. We appreciate their attentiveness to our needs and the level of expertise they provide.” 

Simplified Network Security Has Positive Business Impact

Today, Albaugh is able to more efficiently manage their network security and data protection using a common unified Fortinet platform. Having a single platform has simplified adding new locations to accommodate business growth and has reduced the network management complexity associated with international language barriers.

Could your organization benefit from better data security?

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