Senior Living Communities Benefit from Call Center Support

Partner with a contact center to stay connected to potential residents and see fast results.

Articles published June 6, 2018

elderly couple talking on the phone smiling

For those considering a retirement community for themselves or for a loved one, the process can be emotional. Every interaction needs to be approached tactfully, which means sales and marketing outreach can be difficult. However, many senior living communities fall short on their marketing efforts in part because future residents or their families can’t always get in touch with the right person to explain to them the value of their facility. A contact center can solve that problem.

A Contact Center is Always On

Think about it from a family’s point of view – they’re working 9 to 5, roughly the same hours as your sales and marketing professionals. They get off work and want to talk about what your facility has to offer, but are only met with, “call back tomorrow betwen the hours of 9 and 5.” How many potential residents are missing out on the value of your facility simply because your outreach is lacking?

A 24/7 call center is available to answer questions and provide exceptional customer support both during and outside standard business hours. Kind, empathetic agents specially trained to work with your community serve as an extension of your business to tactfully handle inbound calls. And you don’t miss out on any leads.

Outsourced Call Center Solutions Free up Your Team

Another thing to consider with call center outsourcing is that even when you think you’re doing a great job of answering all inbound calls during business hours, do you know how many you’re missing when you’re talking to visitors or giving tours? Or how many tours are you delaying or putting off during the hours in the day when you get an influx of calls?

By outsourcing your sales and marketing services, you can completely focus on the people visiting your facility. By outsourcing, you are free to give all the tours you want without worrying about missing calls.

Contact Centers Provide Multi-Channel Communication

Your website is likely full of great information that potential residents and their families use to find the right fit for their loved one(s), and consumers are doing their research via this method. However, Baby Boomers are retiring in droves and the senior housing market has never been more robust, which means you need to have a more public-facing component to your marketing and sales efforts, which can help set your community apart from the others. Outsourcing to a contact center can give you a personalized edge over your competitors and help your community keep up with customer expectations.

Benefits of Partnering with a Contact Center

When you partner with the right contact center, here’s what your community stands to gain:

  • More Answered Calls
    Every inbound call is a chance to increase the occupancy of your community. A 24/7 contact center can field questions in a completely professional manner at all hours of the day or night.
  • Better Focus on Residents
    A personalized and cost-effective solution allows allow your staff to focus on the residents while the contact center professionals arrange tours, convey information about your community and convert leads into residents.
  • Omnichannel Approach
    Taking inbound calls is only part of the solution – the right contact center will also have live chat capabilities, SMS, and email outreach to cater to the varying needs of the consumer.
  • Increased Revenue
    By increasing residency rates and improving satisfaction scores, the return on investment in your contact center is fast, but it becomes an integrated extension of your organization.

At Aureon, we’re ready to assist retirement communities just like yours. Contact us today and let’s talk about how our contact center solutions will improve your bottom line.