Dedicated Consumer Technical Support Provides Trust and Flexibility

NEC Display Solutions benefits from outsourced customer technical support solutions.

Case Studies published January 25, 2017

A wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, NEC Display Solutions designs, produces and delivers leading-edge visual display solutions for a wide range of markets and applications, including education, digital signage, graphics, healthcare, restaurants, retail and transportation. This includes a broad selection of desktops, large-screen displays, and multimedia and digital cinema projectors, coupled with expertise in hardware/software consulting, financing, system configuration and maintenance, and support.

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Consumer Technical Support Presents a Challenge

As a global leader in display solutions, with applications ranging from airport monitors to restaurant menu boards, NEC was looking for a knowledgeable and flexible contact center partner to handle the consumer technical support for both their monitor and projector divisions, which had consolidated into one all encompassing unit. 

Given the number of applications and industries that their products are used for, and the fact that this partner would be responsible for multiple levels of customer facing interaction, it was imperative that NEC find a partner who is adaptable, intelligent, and showed technical acumen when walking customers through complicated technical issues. 

Aureon Contact Center Provides Solution

NEC partnered with Aureon Contact Center, seeking reliable and responsive consumer technical support for its broad array of products. Aureon quickly assimilated themselves and soon functioned as an extension of the NEC business, taking ownership of three customer service levels while cross-training its agents to work proficiently within each one. Aureon agents receive the same training as NEC technicians

Combined with a multi-tier escalation approach, problems rarely have to be escalated to NEC. Aureon’s trained representatives also have access to all of the NEC products, so they can answer any customer questions and walk through solutions in real time. 

Whether it is through phone, live online chat, or emails, Aureon’s support, which runs the gamut from troubleshooting to billing, has enabled NEC to ensure they are providing the highest level of support possible while being able to focus on the big picture. 

Highly Trained Agents Provide Technical Support

Since beginning to work with Aureon, the effects have been on full display. NEC has experienced a heightened level of dedication that stems from the consistent team that Aureon has put in place. Having a strong relationship with Aureon has provided for peace of mind that comes from working with a partner who offers a developed base of highly trained agents and a personalized approach to serving NEC customers.

Many customers know the contact center agents by name and have developed relationships that are just as strong as those between Aureon and NEC. This has created a chain of trust from top to bottom, allowing Aureon the autonomy to not only confidently answer customer issues, but expand the scope of support without needing to request help from the NEC staff. 

Adaptable, Flexible Customer Care Solutions

Aureon has given NEC budget flexibility as well. Depending on whether there are escalated call volumes or down times, Aureon Contact Center prepares its staffing levels accordingly. A tenured staff is one that is knowledgeable and happy, two traits that are not lost on customers. The end result is satisfied, loyal customers, which is a benefit worth projecting for all to see.