Where we started.

When the Bell System broke up, consumers suddenly found themselves with a choice of long-distance providers. While this sounded like good news for consumers, some of the providers chose to serve only urban areas, leaving countless rural Iowans without reliable or cost-efficient telephone service.

How we evolved.

Our network delivery model thrived even amidst constant regulation and change. But as the needs of users evolved and expanded, so did the need for new technology. When the old way of doing business was no longer the best way, INS took steps to reinvent itself. We leveraged our historic connectivity, partnered with ITCs and together ensured the next generation of internet and cloud-based services would be available to small and mid-sized businesses all over Iowa. Today, we are proud to have the largest and most robust network in the state. But that isn’t enough, we have taken strategic steps—outlined in a five-year plan—to make that network stronger, more secure, and more resilient. This plan includes a $60 million investment in infrastructure, fiber, and network equipment.

Our reinvention process opened some additional doors. We realized there was a need to diversify beyond the realm of telecommunications and find new ways to help clients enhance revenues, simplify their operations, and keep people connected. In other words, how could we help clients handle the complexities of doing business, so they can focus on their core purpose and passion?

The answer lay in our own past. We thrived in telecommunications by offering multiple connections on one central hub, and by constantly looking for optimal efficiency. It was natural, then, to apply those attributes to customer care and consulting as well.

And with that, Aureon was born.