Driving Innovation: 6 Ideas To Get Ahead Of The Competition

You may have innovative ideas every day without even realizing it. Solving problems using a new technique, thinking of a way to optimize operations, or making improvements in customer service are all forms of innovation. What seems like small, everyday actions can actually be a form of micro innovation. Several of these steps together can become the fabric of what propels an organization into the future.

Innovation can take several forms. In this white paper, we address innovation as it relates to keeping up with customer expectations and managing the experience. It used to be, if you had a problem or a question about a product or service, you’d just pick up the phone. Today, consumers demand more than just a phone call. They want a variety of ways to reach out, and your organization needs to be able to provide multiple ways and modes of communication for consumers to get their problem resolved the way they want to. Otherwise you could be turning away consumers without even realizing it. To keep your consumers happy and coming back to you with their questions, your organization needs to stay innovative.

To help spur innovation in your organization’s overall customer experience, we’ve provided six ideas that could be implemented to put you ahead of the competition. Click below to read our white paper.

Bobbie Jo Barry

Bobbie Jo Barry has more than 19 years of contact center experience in multiple areas, including designing client facing solutions, managing day to day operations of two contact centers, leading workforce management and contact center managers to success, managing client relationships, and providing employees with a foundation for success. She has vast experience with omnichannel solutions and various business technologies, including design and implementation of CRM/ticketing systems and IVR applications. She has proven her ability to innovate and create successful tailored solutions for clients, as well as adapt to the client's changing needs.


July 5, 2018

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Bobbie Jo Barry


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