Technology Company Benefits from Dedicated Customer Support

SilverPoint Technologies benefits from dedicated, knowledgeable customer support agents who provide trusted customer support solutions.

Case Studies published September 28, 2021

The ability to fine-tune and strategically improve products is a real need in today’s fast-paced business environment. By working with a trusted call center service provider, SilverPoint Technologies was able to do just that through their partnership with Aureon Contact Center. See firsthand how streamlined and dedicated processes enabled SilverPoint Technologies to proactively identify trends, allowing them to adapt to the changing needs of their Customers.

See how Aureon Contact Center’s solutions enabled this Client to focus on the development and execution of their innovative technology products.

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SilverPoint Technologies

SilverPoint Technologies, based out of New York City, New York, is dedicated to providing innovative, smart, and sophisticated home products. SilverPoint has set out to redefine the norm by launching intelligent products, including their prestigious iHome line of smart appliances, which feature unique and innovative designs that exceed household needs. Their smart appliances include the iHome AutoVac Nova, Eclipse, Eclipse G, and iHome StickVacs. Many of these robot vacuums operate with enhanced smart features – connecting to WiFi with Alexa and Google capabilities.

Client Challenge

“Our organization needed a Customer service provider that was geared toward technology,” said Roger Lugo, Director of Business Operations and Customer Experience at SilverPoint Technologies. “Quality assurance is important to us. We need a Partner who will fully delve themselves into our products and what our needs are.”

One of those needs is working with a flexible and knowledgeable Customer service provider to help them fine-tune and strategically improve product features. Working with a domestic call center would be essential for SilverPoint to capture product feedback and implement necessary changes effectively. When it comes to technology challenges, feeling understood is incredibly important for a Customer. The neutral dialect of a Customer service provider can reduce frustration and increase Customer loyalty.

“Aureon Contact Center agents have the experience with robotic products,” said Jordan Huffaker, Supervisor at Aureon Contact Center. “After spending time with SilverPoint Technologies, identifying their needs and goals, and learning about their products, we were able to provide important feedback to Roger. This created opportunities for SilverPoint to improve, enhance, or even modify product features that would create a more user-friendly experience and elevate Customer satisfaction.”

The Aureon Solution

As an organization with new products, it is not unusual to see trends surface that need to be addressed. Capturing accurate data, Customer feedback, and repeating patterns are critical for any business, especially one introducing new products in the marketplace. As Customer feedback filtered into Aureon Contact Center agents, patterns around product features emerged, which created opportunities for improvement at the factory level.

“Identifying these trends early on leads to a better quality of future products and quality assurance,” said Lugo. “We were also able to communicate with Aureon Contact Center team members easily, allowing us to escalate issues as needed.”

Additionally, Lugo says that proactive communication is a key benefit to partnering with Aureon Contact Center. Streamlined and straightforward communication translates to a positive reputation and cost savings for SilverPoint Technologies. According to Lugo, all products are going to encounter quality assurance issues. However, their organization has been able to address trends proactively thanks to the clear, proactive communication from Aureon Contact Center.

“Typically, Customers only contact a call center between 2-4 percent of the time when they experience an issue with a product. The other 96-98 percent of Customers will return the product,” said Lugo. “That is why a contact center Partner is so important. We can project the market based on what happens through interactions with call center agents and project trends for the rest of the year.”

As interactions with SilverPoint Technologies’ Customers continued, Aureon Contact Center created standard operating procedures. This translated into quick call resolution with positive results and satisfied Customers.

“Having standard operating procedures is really important for us,” Huffaker said. “This allows us to scale with organizations as they continue to grow and develop new products. Aureon Contact Center will continue to scale up to provide high-quality Customer service for all of their Customers.”