3 Ways to Drive Innovation for your Customer Service Team

What seems like small, everyday actions can actually be a form of micro innovation. Several of these steps together can become the fabric of what propels an organization into the future.

Articles published January 6, 2017 by Bobbie Jo Barry

When you think of innovation, what comes to mind? Most people automatically think of innovation as major advancements in technology that change our lives instantly. Things such as your smartphone, streaming video, and social media come to mind as examples. Our world is always coming up with a new and better way of doing things, and oftentimes technology is the means to do that.

Interestingly enough, most innovation doesn’t happen overnight. You may have innovative ideas every day without even realizing it. Solving problems using a new technique, thinking of a way to optimize operations, or making improvements in customer service are all forms of innovation. What seems like small, everyday actions can actually be a form of micro-innovation. Several of these steps together can become the fabric of what propels an organization into the future. 

Here are three ways your organization can become more innovative.

Create an Innovative Environment

Try creating an environment where innovation happens naturally. Start by figuring out what your employees are good at, and then remove any obstacles getting in the way of them achieving their best. When people are motivated and happy, this usually spurs creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking, which leads to bright ideas.

Innovate how you run Your Business

Another way to be innovative is to come up with a new and better way of doing things at your organization. This could be coming up with a new process that is more efficient or brainstorming a solution to a constant problem.

One example I think of is car2go. They had to innovate to figure out how to provide great customer service in the face of extreme growth. Their business was expanding at an unexpected rate, and they had to find a way to handle the increase in customer service demands. In the end, they decided to work with a partner to handle their customer service. In doing this, they positioned themselves more effectively for growth and allowed their staff to focus on larger initiatives, while ensuring their customers received great service. Leveraging the resources and thought leadership of trusted partners is certainly a form of innovation.    

Use Social Media in an Innovative Way

A third way to be innovative is to use technology that is already there, but spinning it to benefit your organization in an innovative way. Social media is a good example of this. Think of how you can use social media to reach your customers. Just be sure you have the right processes in place to moderate the interaction or it could backfire. 

There are countless other ways that organizations can innovate their brand and culture that I didn’t even mention. In the end, it’s as much about how you innovate as what you innovate. Successful bits of innovation matter, because if you’re successful in brainstorming and implementing the innovation, then it will encourage others to speak up with their ideas about further ways to enhance your organization. Good ideas and plans take time, and usually that means taking it step by step.

How has your customer service team tackled innovation? 

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